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Ahmed Ali Saleh meets with Rep. Guard leadership

National Yemen

The son of the former President of Yemen

By NY Staff

In his first appearance following the most recent phase of military restructuring, Ahmed Ali Saleh reportedly met with Republican Guard leaders. General People’s Congress media sources stated that the former Republican Guard Commander participated in a lengthy meeting with major generals from the elite military unit. Among the issues discussed were the unit’s needs and a training plan for the new year.

Ahemd Ali Saleh reportedly stated that the Republican Guard should keep a distance from political influences and be committed and loyal to “Allah, the nation, fellow divisions, and citizens.”

According to sources, other matters discussed at the meeting included performance evaluations and negative and positive points for the Republican Guard during Yemen’s transitional period.

Saleh recently returned from a long vacation abroad, which he set out on after the elite military unit was subject to restructuring and he himself was replaced as commander of the Republican Guard. He met with President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi a few days ago, one day before he took part in the meeting with Republican Guard major generals.