Challenges ahead the NDC and the President

National Yemen

Aref Abdullah Al-Selmi

By Aref Abdullah Al-Selmi


The national dialogue conference that is  expected to be held in the next few days is the significant key for the future of all Yemenis as it’s going to establish a solid & unified framework that gathers all Yemenis with their different perspectives, ideologies  and backgrounds. The dialogue of 2013 is the most significant event in the life of Yemen because it comes after years of wars, conflicts and crises accumulated as a result of the ex-regime’s inability to bridge all the gaps. Thus, the success of National Dialogue Conference (NDC) depends on the conferences’ success in   addressing a long list of issues. Starting with the southern issue, Houthis, Tehama issues, the political split after the revolution, there are no shortage of conflicts to be addressed. The success of the dialogue conference means that Yemen will fold a black sheet full of political conflicts and then open a new sheet that holds the hopes of all Yemenis.

Great steps were taken by president Hadi to ensure that the conference will be held according to schedule. Establishing a National Dialogue Conference, preliminary restructure of  the military, appointing the Secretary General of the NDC, etc.

In spite of all the efforts taken by the President Hadi, there are still many obstacles ahead of the NDC. Political powers have still not demonstrated their seriousness in contributing to a successful dialogue.

The NDC committee is still waiting for the list of representatives from parties in the conference. The Yemeni southern movement abroad is working hard to achieve separation from the north and still, there is no confirmation that Hirak is going to participate.

There’s also a clear media war between the triple political powers: GPC, Islah and Houthis. The differences among JMP members are increasing because of the different backgrounds and ideologies between the Islah Islamic party and Yemeni Socialist party. Both of them have different agendas and the challenge that they face is the ability of containing such differences in a short and critical time. They also need to reveal the list of their representatives at the NDC.

Finally, a lot of challenges ahead President Hadi and NDC committee needs to be appropriately and quickly reconciled. For a successful dialogue, All the governmental and non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations have to work together to support the president and the NDC committee. Those who are hindering the process of the NDC shall be condemned and punished by the united nations and security council. The people hindering the NDC shall be public named.