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Hussein Al-Ahmar withdraws from JMP

National Yemen

Hussein Al-Ahmar, Chairman of the National Solidarity Council

By NY Staff

Hussein Al-Ahmar, Chairman of the National Solidarity Council, sent a letter on Friday, February 1, to Sultan Al-Atwani, Chairman of the Joint Meeting Parties Higher Council, in which he said the following:

I decided to withdraw from the partnership of your National Council for the Popular Youth Revolution, as we informed you in due course.

Also, I am removing myself from the National Dialogue Technical Committee in response to your ignorance and lack of understanding of the meaning of ‘partnership’, and your continuous solo endeavors which fail to take into account the interests of your parties – not to mention your private sharing of public jobs while failing to pay attention to us as a national solidarity council.

As one of the parties who signed off on and approved the Gulf Initiative and its mechanism – and as part of our interest in continuing to support the popular peaceful youth revolution as it aims to achieve its full objectives and goals, we have taken this decision and informed you and your leaders that we will continue supporting the youth revolution in a peaceful manner.

Thank you,

Hussein Al-Ahmar