Protests in support of injured revolutionaries continue

National Yemen

injured youths continue to participate in a hunger strike

The relatives of protesters wounded in Yemen’s Youth Revolution participated in rallies this past Friday to demand that necessary medical procedures be facilitated by government authorities..

A handful of injured youths continue to participate in a hunger strike with family members nearby and providing moral support in front of Sana’a’s Cabinet building. The youths have been camped out there for the past five days.

MP Ahmed Seif Hashid said, “I will continue my hunger strike until they send tens of injured youths to Germany and Cuba. They already won a court case, but the government has not abided by the court’s decision.”

2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman visited the protesters in front of the Cabinet building. She said, “200 of the injured youths traveled abroad for medical care using their own money, and so far the government has failed to provide them with any form of assistance.”

“Even the international medical delegations which travel to Yemen have done so without any interest or support from the Yemeni government.”

Former human rights minister Waheeba Farah said that the government hadn’t listened to the youths’ continuous calls for help.

The Yemeni Medical Charitable Society completed the first phase of providing medical care in foreign nations for a first batch of injured youth protesters, 875 in all, between July and December 2012.

Due to the large number of injured youths who weren’t covered in this first phase, the organization has set out to launch a second phase to provide medical care for them.

The second phase will involve a variety of medical procedures including procedures concerned with the ears, nose and throat, teeth, bones, brain, nerves, and eyes; plastic surgery will also be provided where needed.

The second phase will last for six months and the Qatar Red Crescent and the Yemeni Medical Charitable Society is continuing a search for doctors to participate in the program. Medical procedures for the second wave of injured protesters will be administered in Yemeni hospitals. Foreign doctors may also be called on to participate in second phase of the program.


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