Political Analysis

Saleh denies having been in contact with Pres. Hadi



By: Nabeel Saif Al-Kumaim

President Hadi has approved a plan to reconfigure the Interior Ministry, which is set to be implemented in step with the second phase of military restructuring.

Informed sources have reported that the military restructuring process will be carried out in two phases under the supervision of President Hadi.

“The first phase will include referring tens of thousands of soldiers over 65 years of age for retirement,” said one source.

The General People’s Congress (GPC) party has accused the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa of working to foil the political settlement agreement and of block the path towards the holding of the National Dialogue Conference.

Former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has stated that the National Dialogue will not be held because of the actions of opposition parties. Saleh also said that he has not been in any form of contact with President Hadi.

General Abdullah Al-Nakhebi, Secretary General of the Southern Movement, called on political powers and other groups in southern governorates to participate in the National Dialogue. He added that the dialogue would not be hindered because certain components had not been invited to participate.

Al-Nakhebi went on to say, “We know many Southern Movement members who are interested in participating.”

He confirmed that Southern Movement followers stood in support of holding the dialogue inside Yemen. Al-Nakhebi said he considered the Security Council visit a brave show of support for Yemen, one that would give Hadi a strong push when it came to his efforts to implement decisions.