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Al-Janadi: Immunity not only for Saleh

National Yemen

Abdul Al-Janadi

By NY Staff

Abdul Al-Janadi, official spokesman for the General People’s Congress Party (GPC), has condemned calls for former president Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign from his party leadership position, and added that no one has the right to interfere in the GPC’s internal affairs.

“No one should force us to remove him from the party; if President Hadi wishes to do so, he must do it in accordance with the law,” said Al-Janadi.

According to the GPC spokesman, immunity was given not only to Saleh, but also to all who worked with him, including members of the Al-Ahmar family, Yaseen Saeed Numan, Ali Mohsen and Abdulwahab Al-Ansi.

With regards to recent military restructuring decrees, Al-Janadi stated that Ahmed Ali Saleh was continuing to hold onto his leadership role, even after the dissolution of the Republican Guard

On that note, he said, “We are still waiting for a new decision which clearly states Ahmed Ali Saleh’s final destination,” he stated.

Al-Janadi also called for Yemen’s unity to be maintained and for what’s left of certain military camps and barricades to be removed.

The GPC spokesman went on to state his support for Socialist Party demands that Finance Minister Sakhr Al-Wajeeh be investigated in connection with millions of Rials which were granted to the Al-Wafa’a Organization in the name of those who were wounded in the revolution.

Al-Janadi described Hussein Al-Ahmar’s recent withdrawal from the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) as constituting evidence of the Yemeni people’s rejection of the JMPs’ actions.