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For the second week repeatedly, Gunmen blow up Safer Company’s pipeline

NY Staff

Gunmen in Yemen reportedly blew up a key oil pipeline in the country’s eastern Marib province – an Al-Qaeda stronghold – security officials and witnesses told AFP. Witnesses saw smoke billowing from the 200 mile-long pipeline that carries around 180,000 barrels per day, over half the country’s daily output. The army later fired artillery at the scene of the attack, and warplanes were seen flying overhead. No casualties have been reported. In December the government launched an offensive against tribesman suspected of sabotaging the pipeline in order to win concessions from the government.

last week gunmen blow up oil pipeline in Shabwa governorate, in Yemen’s east. Officials have stated that the saboteurs planted an explosive device beneath the pipeline at night.

“The explosion caused a suspension of oil imports which would have run through that pipeline,” said an official.

The oil pipeline is run by a Korean company and has been attacked many times in the past. Sabotage attacks are regularly carried out by militants affiliated with Al-Qaeda or tribal elements seeking to have demands met by the government.

Sabotage attacks increased following the eruption of the Youth Revolution in 2011 and have caused an estimated loss of $4 billion.