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Liberal Party demands investigation of Saudi Ambassador

National Yemen

The rules for human rights respect

By NY Staff

The Yemeni Liberal Party has condemned what it has called continuous violations of Yemeni expatriates’ rights by the Saudi Arabian regime. In a party statement, it was claimed that Yemenis’ living conditions in Saudi Arabia amount to “disastrous situations.”

The party demanded that the entire staff of the Yemeni Embassy in Saudi Arabia be replaced for failing to respond to the grievances of Yemenis and neglecting Yemenis’ rights.

“They pay no attention to the injustices Yemenis encounter at the hands of Saudi policemen and citizens,” read the statement.

It was also demanded that the Minister of Foreign Affairs investigate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Yemen in connection with Saudi violations of Yemeni expatriates’ rights. The party also stated that expatriates should have the right to participate in the upcoming National Dialogue Conference, and that the number of seats granted to them should be reconsidered.