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Mediation committee blames government for truce failure

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Tribal sheikhs

By NY Staff

Tribal sheikhs and religious scholars who recently formed a committee to mediate between the government and armed militants have released a statement which holds the government fully accountable for its failure to reach a truce with Yemen’s Al-Qaeda affiliates.

The tribal sheikhs and religious scholars who made up the mediation committee stated that it had proposed a truce to both sides and that the government, in the person of Yemeni Intelligence Chairman Ghaleb Al-Qamesh, had expressed initial interest in a truce.

The committee said, “We requested a two-month truce, in which time we would be able to discuss its terms, and both sides expressed willingness to sign on,” read the committee’s statement.

The committee members noted that they had met with militant leader Nasser Al-Waheeshi and that he had signed the truce.

According to the committee, the government had been provided with three days to sign the truce, but that it failed to do so by the deadline provided.

The committee went on to appeal to all sheikhs, political figures, human rights organizations, and all Yemenis to demand that the government quickly sign the truce.

The committee’s statement was signed off by the following individuals: Abdulmajeed Bin Hamood Al-Hitari, Mohammed Bin Salem Al-Zabidi, Murad Al-Qadasi and Mohammed Al-Hashedi. The committee itself included Abdullah Al-Banna, Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Wade’ie, Saleh Bin-Ali Al-Wade’ie and Ameen Bin-Abdullah Ja’afar.