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Southern leader proclaims support for Nat’l Dialogue

National Yemen

Southern Movement leader Mohammed Ali Ahmed

By NY Staff

Prominent Southern Movement leader Mohammed Ali Ahmed has stated that he will participate in the National Dialogue Conference, set to begin on 18 March 2012, and confirmed his support for President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

“We have already announced our attitude towards the National Dialogue, and I personally support the peaceful democratic dialogue, which will help Yemen overcome its crisis,” said Ahmed.

The Vice Chairman of the National Council for Southerners stated that President Hadi was attempting to find solutions that would satisfy all southerners and northerners.

“No one has the right to exclude any group of people from participating in the dialogue, as we are all Yemeni and part of Yemen,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed also stated that the international community had failed when it came to supporting Yemen’s political settlement and called for foreign nations to reconsider their attitudes and decisions.

“The countries which sponsored the GCC initiative failed to find a viable solution for the southern issue and so must reconsider their initiatives and solutions for the Yemeni crisis.”

According to Ahmed, “Southerners seek justice and equality after years of injustice. This is why we southerners must make good use of the dialogue opportunity.”

Southern Yemeni leaders residing abroad, including Ali Nasser and Haidar Al-Attas, have demanded that the National Dialogue be further delayed. According to sources, the two figures informed UN Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Bin-Omar that the south was not ready to participate in the National Dialogue and would hold a southern dialogue in late March.