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Minister of Defense: Fight against terrorism is Yemen-Saudi concern

National Yemen

Yemeni Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed

By: Faheem Al-Hamed

Yemeni Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed has stated that terrorism recently became a joint Yemeni-Saudi Arabian concern, one which requires constant coordination and a regional alliance.

“Coordination and cooperation strained the terrorists’ efforts and was positively reflected in the quality of Yemeni life,” said Ahmed.

According to the minister, the issue of terrorism threatens not only Yemen but the nations all over the world. He added that Yemen is currently enjoying good relations with Saudi Arabia.

The Defense Minister stated that what was achieved by nation’s armed forces in Abyan and Shabwa certified that the nation’s political leadership, led by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, is working hard to combat all terrorists in Yemen.

“It’s also a strong message to the terrorists and whoever supports them that Yemen is no longer able to bear their violations – and also that the final battle has approached and we will not save them,” he said.