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Basindowa: Saleh’s presence in Yemen a threat

National Yemen

Prime Minister Mohammed Salam Ba-Sindwa

By Fouad Al-Maslamy

This past week, Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa stated that a malicious smear campaign had been launched against him by “those who killed the revolutionary youth.” He added that the main figure behind these efforts to discredit him was former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Basindowa stated that the GCC initiative was in danger as long as Saleh was in the country. He added that during their recent visit to Yemen, he had informed members of the United Nations Security Council that Saleh represented a threat to the success of the GCC initiative and its time-based implementation mechanism.

“Saleh was given the opportunity for a safe exit, but he refused it,” said the Prime Minister. He added that the coming days would carry surprises as far as measures to be taken against Saleh were concerned.

At a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the founding of a charity association which focuses on teachings from the Holy Quran, Basindowa said the government had given its approval for YR 20 billion to be distributed among families of martyrs and wounded revolutionaries.

He also announced that the government had set aside YR 100 million for the construction of a university focused on teaching from the Quran.

“I donated 2 million and President Hadi donated 5 million towards the university’s construction,” he said.

Basindowa also stated that on Monday, four wounded revolutionaries would depart from Yemen to receive medical treatment in Cuba. He added that a further five injured protesters would be soon traveling to Germany for medical procedures.