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Gov’t official: Third ship in Iran is “waiting to be sent to Yemen”

National Yemen

Some of the Iraninan explosive weapons in ship named Jihan 1

Ali Al-Ahmedi, the President of the National Security Board, has stated that the intercepted Iraninan ship named Jihan 1 was the second of three ships which were sent, or set to be sent, to Yemen.

“Intelligence information has shown that the ship which was seized on 23 January was preceded by another ship which wasn’t intercepted, while a third ship is still in Iran and waiting to be sent to Yemen,” said Al-Ahmedi.

Iranian government officials have continued to reject accusations that weapons seized from a ship in Yemeni waters last month had been exported from Iran and that they were bound for Shi’ite insurgents in north Yemen.

On Saturday, Yemen’s Interior Minister stated that an investigation had determined that the Iranian-made missiles, rockets and other weapons confiscated on the vessel were loaded onto the ship in Iran and were destined for Yemeni insurgents.

In response, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramin Mehmanparast called the accusations “irresponsible” and added that Iran respects Yemen’s sovereignty and integrity. He warned that such allegations could damage future cooperation between the two nations.

For years, Yemen has been fighting Shiite Muslim insurgents near its northern border with Saudi Arabia.