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Southern Movement groups fail to meet Nat’l Dialogue quotas

National Yemen

Ali Salem Al-Beidh

By Fakhri al-Arashi

This past week, Southern Movement groups submitted lists of individuals whom they had nominated as representatives at the upcoming National Dialogue to the conference’s Technical Committee.

Sources stated that the list included the names of 83 representatives who were prepared to participate in the National Dialogue. The Houthis and various other parties failed to meet their quotas of representatives from the youth and female segments of society.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Socialist Party successfully covered its quotas.

The National Dialogue Technical Committee, headed by Abdulkareem Al-Iriani and Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, the Secretary General of the National Dialogue, convened for a meeting yesterday, to be followed by another session today. At the meeting the rest of party and political movement nominee lists were verified, in order to ensure that quotas were met.

Prominent Southern Movement figure Ali Salem Al-Beidh’s Beirut office issued a called for the United Nations Security Council to remove the fourth paragraph from its statement on Yemen.

Al-Beidh said that when the UN Security Council mentioned his name, it did so without any justification, adding that he was not committed to the principles and procedures of the transitional period’s implementation mechanism.

He added that he had nothing to do with the GCC transition. Al-Beidh said the UNSC didn’t have the legal right to include his name on such a list, by which he was implicated in impeding the progress of something he had no connections with. He added the GCC initiative only concerned those who signed onto it.

Al-Beidh served as Ali Abdullah Saleh’s Vice President from 1990 to 1994.