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Yemen’s Youth Revolution commemorated

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Part of a massive display of the Yemeni flags €™s colors, a girl prepares to march down Sana €’a Sixty Meters Road, where thousands of people awaited a

By Maram Alabassi

On 11 February, supporters of Yemen’s Youth Revolution gathered on Sixty Meters Road to commemorate the revolution’s second anniversary. Men, women and children arrived to take in a planned parade.

11 February is a significant date in Yemen’s political and social history. It has been recognized that it was on this day that demonstrations against now-former president Ali Abdullah Saleh began.

Many supporters of the revolution maintain that the movement has yet to conclude, and won’t do so until all of their stated revolutionary aims have been achieved.

A number of revolutionaries are still present at Sana’a Change Square, engaged in what they see as a revolt against all corrupt government institutions and individuals.

Eman Mohammed attended the celebration and declared that he was pleased that the revolution had borne fruit.

“I was with the revolutionaries from the beginning and have always supported them. Today is a great occasion for us because we can now see what we have achieved and what is yet to be.”

Many supporters expressed their happiness by wearing Yemeni flags and singing the national anthem. Women also participated in both preparations and the celebration to follow.

Haifa Thabet said, “The revolution has done many things for women; one important thing is that we are now more determined to participate in decision-making and in being inseparable parts of Yemen’s political life.”

Hussein Hayder stated his opinion that “the revolution is not over; corruption, in every institution and sector, must be eliminated.”

A large crowd listened to patriotic songs and watched as a variety of figures and groups who had been connected with the revolution passed by.

Sa’ad Hayder, a teacher, proclaimed that 11 February should be declared a National Day.

“This day is important in Yemen’s history and should be made a National Day, for all the martyrs, detainees and injured.”

In the two years which followed 11 February 2011, Saleh stepped down as president, and current President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi was announced as his replacement in February 2012.

Many supporters and revolutionaries who were present at the event were unequivocal in their position that the revolution had not yet met with completion.

Thabet said, “It will be a complete revolution when all its aims have been achieved, when equality has been guaranteed, and when justice has been made available to all citizens, regardless of their political parties or tribes.”