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Al-Mutawakil: National Dialogue should focus on “democracy and justice”

National Yemen

Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakel

By NY Staf

After returning to Yemen from Jordan, Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakil has confirmed his resignation, first announced in 2012, from the Public Powers Union.

Al-Mutawakil stated that because he wasn’t convinced that the union didn’t foster hatred and conflict among political parties, he had refused an appointment as the Vice Chairman of the union’s Higher Council.

Speaking about the upcoming National Dialogue Conference, Al-Mutawakil said that he would be with the General People’s Congress Party as long as it sought the establishment of civic values.

According to Al-Mutawakil, southerners are not confident that civic values will be pursued at the conference.

“Islah supporters will not agree with Houthis, and women will not agree with men,” he said.

Al-Mutawakil said that as things now stand, participants will fail to agree on a number of issues – such as those concerned with the constitution – and will cause the dialogue’s failure, with dangerous consequences.

He said that a focus should be placed on providing citizens with standards of equality and ensured principles of democracy and justice. He added that a new constitution should be inclusive of these principles.

Al-Mutawakil said that he had not yet been asked to participate in the National Dialogue.