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AQAP calls on Muslims in Mali to join ‘jihad’

National Yemen

A Yemeni woman walks past a vehicle owned by al-Qeada militants in Abyen

By NY Staff

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) representatives have called for ‘jihad’ in response to France’s intervention in Mali. In a statement, the organization said that the French were unjustified in attacking Muslims in Mali, and that their actions constituted clear hostility towards Islam.

“It is not surprising to see France doing this after their attack on Muslim women wearing the hijab,” read the statement.

The militant organization also added that all capable Muslims must support and help their “brothers in Mali.”

According to the statement, which was signed by the organization’s legislative committee, it was imperative for Muslims in neighboring countries to assist fellow Muslims in Mali.

The French military intervened on 11 January to halt the advance of Islamic militants towards southern Mali and its capital, Bamako. Within two weeks, French forces stood alongside the Malian army in an effort to restore security to cities which had been under the control of the militants for over ten months.

It was reported that the French and Malian forces met with no resistance, as the Islamic militants appeared to flee their positions and move to desert areas.

According to reports, however, not all militants fled; those remaining seemed to have adopted new strategies in ensuing battles with the French and Malian forces.