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Doctors without Borders suspends activities in Al-Salam Hospital after assault on staff

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al-salam hospital photo by MSF Malak Shaher

By NY Staff

In a press release issued today, Doctors without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  announced the temporary suspension of activities in Al-Salam Hospital in Khamer, Amran governorate after an assault on their staff.  Two men accompanying an injured woman forcibly entered the hospital’s gates and physically assaulted one of the organization’s doctors, as well as a guard, according to the press release.

This incident marked the latest in a series incidents of medical staff and patients being threatened and physically attacked.

The organization reports that discussions with local community leaders are underway to ensure the safety of their staff and patients.

“We have already received a positive response from authorities and local community leaders, who fully support our actions and expressed sympathies towards the hospital staff that were threatened. We look forward to gain stronger assurances from local community leaders to ensure the safety of Al-Salam hospital before we can resume our medical work,” said MSF head of mission, Patrick Wieland.

The organization reiterated the importance of respecting the neutrality of health facilities, medical staff and ambulances, including MSF vehicles.

MSF manages the maternity, pediatric, surgical and emergency departments of Al-Salam hospital, where it employs 140 Yemeni staff and treats an average of 1,500 patients per month, free of charge.