Telecom GM: sabotage and looting have cost YR 59 million in 2013


By NY Staff

This past week, Yemen’s telecommunications and optical fiber network was struck at various locations by sabotage attacks and looting. Sabotage and looting at 89 locations have

National Yemen

Minister of Telcommunicationa and IT

so far inflicted a cost of YR 59 million in 2013.

General Manager of Amran’s Telecommunications branch Mohammed Abdullah Al-Dhahbani stated that telecommunications network’s infrastructure was regularly subjected to attacks and looting.

“Sheikhs and citizens witness the sabotage attacks but never think of stopping the saboteurs,” said Al-Dhahbani. “We have lost 50% of our revenue.”

A prominent telecommunications sector official stated the sector’s revenues reach YR 60 billion per year, and the money is used to support basic services for society.

The official also spoke about the difficulties which the sector encounters when it attempts to provide services and adopt new operating systems.

“It’s difficult to obtain licenses due to an unfair state of competition,” he said.

In a symposium established by activist Khaled Al-Jabali in December 2007, Vice Chairman of the telecommunications sector’s Technical Affairs Department Lutfi Ba-Sharif presented a report on the sector’s strengths and weaknesses. He also provided new information on the sector’s technical achievements.

According to him, in 1982, Yemen was the first country to use the French company Alcatel’s digital telecommunications center. Al-Jabali also said it would be feasible for digital telecommunications services to be spread throughout Yemen.