To tackle climate change and inequalities, Yemenis must battle corruption, incompetence

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Bilal Ahmed Homran

By Bilal Ahmed Homran

Domestic and foreign organizations have been unable to tackle malnutrition in Yemen.  Funding is at an all-time low, and children of the modern day continue to die of hunger.  Yemenis have lost all trust and hope that its government can solve the political struggles of its time, let alone the crying needs of its people.  A new path must be led with new leaders because the status quo of the previous decades continues to thrive with no end in sight.

President Hadi, who continues to govern with no second-in-command, is in no way capable of steering Yemen away from these wrongs alone.  He alone is not responsible for the failures of  post-revolution Yemen.   We continue to invest in an economy that is not changing with the needs of the people.  The economic norm in Yemen – where insiders continue to rob the system dry – will only drift us to an economic abyss.  We must reassess our assets, redefine our markets, and revolutionize our currency.  This is in the interest of a more prosperous Yemen, where all people of the land are able to live with dignity and security.

Investing in new forms of energy and technology will help Yemen steer itself away from the economic downturn that is to come. We are destroying the world that the Almighty has created for us.  We must take care of it and nourish it.  It continues to surprise me how we as the human race have not been able to meaningfully change policy, despite the science of climate change, in order to preserve our beloved planet. Are we unable to fathom that our children and grandchildren will inhabit this planet?  We are obligated to tackle this topic, to put aside our silly differences and to realize that time is running out; the time to end our dependency on fossil fuels is now.

Wind power and solar energy have been studied and invested in because these energies allow nations to fuel their countries’ with resources within their own lands and borders. These energies are clean and renewable. The damage of global climate change will be vast, and will soon be out of our reach to change.

This is the time for Yemenis to wean ourselves away from destructive consumerism if we want a shot at avoiding the environmental catastrophes that accompany it. Some people are resistant to the lessons of history; some folks would like slice and dice our right to end these injustices and the poor treatment of the planet. No matter the obstacles, we must move forward in finding and implementing clean and renewable forms of energy.

Tackling such issues requires an educated public. It is very unfortunate that many Yemeni students abroad are given insufficient funds to complete their studies or find themselves struggling economically. An educated society will be a more successful and advanced one; our government should not be short-changing our country’s brightest students. It is beyond disgusting, and I call on the Ministry of Education and the Foreign Ministry to find quick and comprehensive solutions for Yemeni students abroad. Their needs should not go unanswered.

Our elected officials must not stray away from our values and the rule of law; failing to do so leads to corruption. When elected officials look after their own interests above the interests of their people and country, they betray the trust of the people who put them in office. The rule of law is the foundation of a sovereign state; we want unity and justice, not corrupted officials and bureaucracy. The laws of our beloved Almighty have instilled in our hearts that humanity is the ultimate creation; humanity means the presence of peace and tranquility.

I have no doubt that if are determined to excel and evolve, we will succeed – and so will our nation. We will succeed not just for us, but for those who’ve sacrificed in the past, and leave a legacy for the future.

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