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Al-Attas: Southern parties won’t participate in dialogue after “crimes” in Aden

National Yemen

Haidar Abu Baker al-Atas

By NY Staff

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Hadi’s election as President of Yemen, Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas demanded that a referendum for southerners be held.

“Southerners should be allowed to freely express their opinions about either the Yemeni Republic’s unity or separation,” he said. He also called on UN Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar to set a day to carry out a referendum for southerners, before adding that it would represent the only logical solution for the southern issue.

Al-Attas also said that those in Aden who celebrated the anniversary of Hadi’s election were affiliated with the GPC.

“Political powers in the south will not participate in the dialogue after the crimes which took place in Aden – and southerners themselves will not accept such a dialogue,” he said.

In this regard, Tawakul Karman said that what they called a ‘revolution for change’ had yet to succeed and also that aides of the former regime were still Yemen’s ‘real rulers’. Karman stressed the importance of giving southerners the right to decide what they want and herself called on them to reconcile with Yemeni people in general.

“Southerners should participate in the National Dialogue to state their demands and desires,” she added.

For his part, Benomar renewed his calls for all Yemeni parties to actively begin participating in the National Dialogue, which is to begin on 18 March.

“We attempted to convince Southern Movement parties of the necessity of participation in the National Dialogue and of presenting their suggestions and opinions, including those related to separation,” said Benomar.

According to him, the National Dialogue represents the sole way to fairly resolve the southern issue. Benomar added that all that has been called for is a dialogue which allows Yemenis to present their opinions and agree on an appropriate solution which is suitable to all involved.