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President Hadi: “Today, we stand before an historic opportunity”

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President Hadi

By NY Staff

In a speech delivered this past week, President Hadi has warned Yemen’s political powers that if they don’t believe in change and are trying to disrupt progress their causes will be lost, as Yemenis are fed up with conflicts.

President Hadi said that a great deal had been achieved in the past year, and also that life had returned to a state of normalcy. He stated that the National Dialogue Conference would soon be launched, and added that the picture of the ‘New Yemen’ would be drawn there.

He also renewed his promises made to Yemenis, stating that changes which citizens have been demanding would be achieved and  also that a new constitution would be framed.

“Today, we stand before an historic opportunity, with unlimited support from friends with a full readiness to support the Yemeni experience…support which should be made use of in restoring what Yemenis have missed in past years,” he said.

According to the President, corruption, security imbalances and weak performance on the part of the judicial system represented the main factors behind calls for change. Hadi went on to say that all these factors should be fixed before a modern, civic-minded state where all people are equal is created.

“If we do not move forward with firm steps, we will be captured by the past and find ourselves unable to achieve any progress towards a bright future,” he said.

He added that all political parties should realize that the wheel of change is moving and also that there wouldn’t be a return to the past. He said that the political, security and economic situation still required effort if stability were to be reached and if the country was to overcome its current state of crisis.

President Hadi concluded his speech by congratulating Yemeni citizens on the change they had achieved, and said he hoped that the resolutions which would come out of the National Dialogue would be achieved in reality. He added that all Yemenis should expect to witness clear improvements in the performance of Yemen’s police and security forces in the near future.

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