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Sana’a protesters stand in solidarity with Adeni citizens

National Yemen

Military vehicles spreads in Aden city

By Maram Alabassi

A small but passionate group of citizens turned out in front of President Hadi’s residence on Sana’a’s Sixty Meters Road to stand in solidarity with Adenis currently in the midst of violent confrontations between secessionist demonstrators and security forces.

Activist Hemyar Al-Moqbili was among those participating in the demonstration in front of Hadi’s residence.

“We, as revolutionaries…we call on President Hadi to stop the attacks on our brothers in Aden and to form a public commission to investigate the incident and who is behind it, because these behaviors deepen divisions and increase anger, whichh tends to lead to calls for secession,” said Al-Moqbili.

Violence broke out on Thursday in Aden, on the one-year anniversary of the one-man election which saw Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi replace Ali Abdullah Saleh as Yemen’s president.