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Al-Qaeda document contains advice on how to avoid drone strikes

National Yemen

A journalist working for the Associated Press (AP) news organization found a document which was left behind by Islamists who were forced out of the Malian city of Timbuktu before French forces arrived.

The document was found in a building in Timbuktu. On the document, 22 pieces of advice were written in Arabic and directed towards other Islamic extremists throughout the world on the subject of how to avoid drone strikes. It was reported that the document was written by Al-Qaeda in Yemen leader Abdullah Bin-Mohammed.

Professor Mathew Giedar , a specialist in jihadist movements, stated that the advice would have been published on websites from time to time. The directions mix advice on buying Russian equipment with recommended precautions to take to avoid drones.

The first piece of advice was based on Russian experience and spoke about how to control the path of planes from far away. Another piece of advice urged extremists to put pieces of glass on cars’ roofs to reflect sunlight and so obstruct air traffic controls.  The tenth piece of advice was to hide in trees for protection, something which was earlier suggested by Osama Bin laden.