Basindowa orders treatment for injured Southern Movement supporters

National Yemen

injured youths

Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa has directed concerned authorities to provide medical treatment for 37 wounded citizens affiliated with the Peaceful Southern Movement. The costs of the medical treatment will be covered by the government, regardless of whether or not it is given either inside or outside Yemen.

The Prime Minister also received a second batch of wounded revolutionaries who are set to travel to Egypt for medical treatment as part of the government’s program for wounded revolutionaries.

According to Saba News Agency, Basindowa renewed the government’s commitment to providing the injured protesters with full medical treatment, with no exceptions, whether inside and outside Yemen.

“We truly wish you a fast recovery and a happy return to your homes and families,” he added.

The Prime Minister promised to continue checking on the status of their health and to solve any problems they might encounter outside of Yemen.

For their part, the wounded revolutionaries expressed appreciation for the Prime Minister’s sentiments and efforts on behalf of the nation’s ‘process of change’.


  • After reading out your blog i have come to you to know about Basindowa orders treatment for injured Southern Movement supporters which was unknown for me because i need to take the treatment. I will come to you to know more about this.