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Details surrounding journalist’s murder remain unclear

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Today’s riot in Aden

Journalist Murdered in Aden

The murder of journalist Wajdi Al-Subaihi has provoked a large number of media reports, which have included varying accounts of how exactly he died.

Some accounts have stated that policemen broke into Al-Subaihi’s house in Aden before killing him and a friend. Another story had it that anonymous gunmen broke into the journalist’s house, where he was chewing qat along with his friend.

According to one of Al-Subaihi’s neighbors, the men who committed the murder were riding in two cars; he said he heard shooting and then saw the gunmen exiting the house and carrying one of their own, who had apparently been wounded.

The Horia Organization for Media Freedom and Development condemned the apparent premeditated crime and demanded that it be thoroughly investigated.

The Yemeni Journalists’ Syndicate also expressed its condemnation of the crime and called for investigations to be launched immediately.

Controversy was stirred when on Friday, government officials announced that Al-Subaihi had filled the post of information officer for Yemen’s Al-Qaeda affiliate. Government officials later retracted their linking of Al-Subaihi with the militant group.

Al-Subaihi was 30 years old, married and a father of three children. Recognized as one of Aden’s more active journalists, he had worked as a journalist for Al-Ayam newspaper and a number of news websites.