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Hadi prohibits flight training over cities

National Yemen

Perisdent Abd-Rabbuh Mansour Hadi

By NY Staff

Following the crash of the Sukhoi 22 fighter jet late last week, President Hadi has directed aviation administration officials to stop any flight training exercises in the skies above cities.

President Hadi stated that he was investigating the direct cause of the fighter jet crash and added that any flight training should take place over open, non-residential locations.

Hadi stated his opinion that the Air Force should be considered one of the most important components of the armed forces, with the highest-trained individuals as far as training and military educations were concerned.

He further noted that Yemen had no conflicts with any other country and that the Yemen’s borders were legally drawn.

“There is no problem, but we must always be on alert and ready to fight terrorism,” he added.

With regard to flight accidents, President Hadi stated that the Air Force had the most-qualified officers and pilots and that such incidents as the crash rarely occurred. He did, however, stress the importance of ensuring a plane’s full readiness as part of measures to avoid such incidents.