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Urgent meeting held in response to Aden violence

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A wave of riots sparked by armed Southern Movement

By NY Staff

A wave of riots sparked by armed Southern Movement supporters in south Yemen resulted in widespread security alerts for military and security leaders and local authorities. It was reported that an urgent meeting for local authority and military leaders, led by the Minister of Defense, was convened in order to discuss developments and options for responding to the southern riots.

The meeting came after gunmen affiliated with the Southern Movement launched riots in Hadhramout governorate in Yemen’s south late last week. There, according to sources, gunmen set thirteen shops belonging to northerners on fire.

“Tens of southern vendors were given severe beatings and were kicked off Mukalla’s city streets city after being sworn at by the gunmen,” said a local source.

Meanwhile, government forces have been attempting to effect some measure of control on riot situations and reopen roads which had been closed by gunmen.