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Hadi: Illicit arms traders must hand over weapons

National Yemen

President AbdRabu Mansour Hadi

By NY Staff

During a trip to Aden to reduce the effects of the recent eruption of violence in Aden, President Hadi spoke about armed Southern Movement supporters and weapon traders. He also spoke about the latter’s connections with frequent efforts to sabotage oil pipelines.

“Weapons traders want us to share our rule of the country with them, or else they will continue their violent actions,” said Hadi.

According to Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Al-Shalafi, Hadi said that he had a list containing the names of such weapons traders before adding that they such individuals should surrender their weapons to the police if they wish to avoid arrest.

“Vandals should well understand that the National Dialogue will go on and that no force with all weapons at its disposal can stop it. Those who are attempting to do will be prosecuted by the Security Council,” he stated.

President Hadi said that he informed King Abdullah that Yemen was experiencing a severe shortage of oil and electricity and that he had asked him to provide Yemen with three months’ worth of oil.

In a related matter, Mohsen Ali Ba-Sorrah, a member of the Representatives’ Council, proposed an initiative to the President which aims to prevent further bloodshed in Yemen’s south.

In his message to President Hadi, Ba-Sorrah stated that military invention doesn’t solve political crises and also that rights to peacefully protest are granted to all citizens by the Constitution.

He also suggested that an investigative committee be formed to ascertain what happened on 21 February in Aden, with the results of any such inquiries to be conveyed to the nation’s citizens.