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Court of Public Funds directed to cancel YR 2 billion transfer

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A young gilr victim of the youth revolution photo by maram

By NY Staff

Public Funds Attorney General Saeed Al-Aqel has directed that a transfer of YR 2 billion which was intended to go to an institution tasked with aiding injured revolutionaries be suspended.

The sum of money was reportedly illegally transferred from the Central Bank to the Post Office General Authority in order for it to be given to the families of martyrs and to injured revolutionaries.

According to reports, the Al-Wafa’a Institution has prepared a list of those who should receive such funds. The Finance Minister’s directions did not agree with those of the Council of Ministers, which had formed a government committee tasked with receiving the money and distributing it to those in need.

Judge Al-Aqel’s directions came after a suit was raised by MP Ahmed Saif Hashed and a number of organizations, accompanied by appeals for the Attorney General to investigate the matter.

A document was published and included directions by Sakhr Al-Wajeeh to transfer the money on 2 February. The published document is a contract between the Finance Ministry and the Post Office General Authority which states that the Ministry of Finance should transfer the sum of money to the Post Office, which will be in charge of distributing the funds to the names provided by the Al-Wafa’a Institution.

The Attorney General was directed to investigate the matter and take necessary steps to prevent the implementation of the transfer orders.

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