Government seeking int’l operator for Aden ports

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Reconciliation Government has been working hard to find an international operator for Aden Port. The port has been restored to Yemeni control for months now.

Transportation Minister Wae’d Ba-Theeb stated that the committee in charge of developing ports is still seeking an international operator.

“The committee is trying hard to find an international company to make a contract with, one that is fully transparent and with procedures which won’t harm the ports,” said Ba-Theeb.

Experts have advised the government to sign a contract with an international company which specializes in shipping and unloading and which can insure a global shipping line for containers.

According to recent reports, Transportation Ministry officials have stated that it will not be possible to make a contract with a Qatari or Turkish company.

“There are indications that the government will prepare international tenders to rent the port to Chinese companies,” read one such report.