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Symposium on Economic Experiences of Turkey and Yemen to be held

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Basindowa and Davutoğlu inaugurate Turkish Int’l School in Sana’a last October 2012

By Yaseen Al-Tameemy

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen, H.E. Mohammed Salem Basindowa, the Turkish ‘Institute of Strategic Thinking’ and the Yemeni ‘Democratic Awakening Movement’ (TAWQ) will organize a one-day workshop on relations between Turkey and Yemen, as well as on the both countries’ processes of transformation. Political elites, experts, academics, and community activists will attend the workshop.

Participants will be shown the importance of the Turkish Republic’s experience and success in regional democratic and economic shifts.

At the symposium, issues of constitutional reforms and democratic shifts will be focused on, as they directly relate to Yemen’s present state. There will also be a discussion on the wide range of choices facing Yemen as it attempts to include considerations of all segments of society – including peoples’ political and civil rights – in the framing of a new constitution.

The symposium falls under the framework of forming relations with Turkey via various activities and the introduction of specialized centers both inside and outside Yemen.

Two topics will be discussed at the symposium: the shift to democracy and a seven-year economic plan. Attendees will speak about Turkish experience with regard to the media, democracy and democratic consolidation.

Yemen’s economic development and the fostering of economic ties between the two countries will also be discussed.

The workshop will take place on 4 March 2013 at Sana’a’s Sheba Hotel. The symposium’s opening ceremony will be held at 9 AM, and will feature the participation of Turkish and Yemeni officials and academics.