The National Dialogue…Yemen’s Last Chance

National Yemen

Abdullah Ali Assunaidar

By Abdullah Ali Assunaidar, Chairman of Yemeni-Italian Friendship Association

When speaking about the National Dialogue Conference, we are forced to recognize that it represents a last chance for all Yemenis of different segments, sects and affiliations. They have to put all their issues, visions, suggestions, notes and conditions on the dialogue table to come up with radical resolutions and agreements, and unified visions of the nature of a modern Yemeni state.

All political forces, revolutionary, tribal and social components should realize that they face a national and historic duty which requires that grudges and revenges be set aside. They should be both patient and responsible towards the country and its citizens. They also should open their hearts for each other and make concessions, because all Yemenis have pinned their hopes on them to get Yemen out of cycles of crises and into safety.

They must understand that there will be many regional and international forces which bear hatred towards Yemen and its people, who will do their best to escalate the crisis and block the way before political settlement in our country. They will create and incite conflicts and clashes among the people of certain regions. A clear proof of this is what happened lately in Aden and the southern provinces, something which has continued up until the present day..

Today, Yemenis of different segments and sects in the country’s different regions are experiencing difficult living conditions. It’s fair enough to say that people working for the private sector are the ones who suffered most, as they lost their jobs and so the middle class of society vanished and was integrated in with the lower class.

It has become obligatory for all political forces and revolutionary and tribal components to seriously take their responsibilities and seek the interest of Yemen over their own hateful personal interests. Yemen cannot handle further riots and clashes. Here in Yemen, we have many resources and investment opportunities. All we need is to unify our efforts and work together to make use of our resources in the correct ways. If we do so, we will certainly be able to face all challenges and be able to depend on ourselves

Oh Yemenis, we have to get working and building what wars and conflicts have destroyed in past years. We also have let go of the grudges and hatred and take on our responsibility toward ourselves, home and nation. The National Dialogue Conference is the last chance for us all and so we have to make good use of it and look out for the national interest. What we want is an honest, serious, constructive and fruitful dialogue which can be the last station in building and constructing a new Yemen. We want it to be the last station in building a modern country whose people can enjoy freedom, law and equality.