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Al-Zayani: National Dialogue a crucial step

National Yemen

Abdul-Latif Al-Zayani

By NY Staff

Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Abdul-Latif Al-Zayani has stated that the National Dialogue Conference represents a crucial step in Yemen’s political process. He added that Yemen’s achievements thus far have kept the country’s political process on the right track.

“It’s prevented Yemen’s eruption into a devastating civil war,” he added.

Al-Zayani noted that the Gulf countries are working hard to financially back stability and economic development in Yemen.

He also expressed hope that the international community would continue to support Yemen’s aims to achieve security in addition to political and economic stability.

Al-Zayani also stated that the Gulf countries had vowed to help Yemen survive its crises so as to prevent any possible bloodshed. He added that the same countries are working to find a political settlement which would satisfy all components of Yemeni society.