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Lawyer Linda Mohammed resigns from Ba’ath Party in Yemen

National Yemen

Lawyer Linda Mohamed Ali

By NY Staff

Linda Mohammed Ali, the President of the Ba’ath Socialist Party in Yemen’s Women’s Sector, has announced her resignation from all party positions which she had previously occupied. Her resignation came after the party’s Secretary General, Mohammed Al-Zubairy, visited the Syrian capital of Damascus and met with members of the Syrian regime.

Ali stated that news of the visit came as a shock, particularly after the party had supported Arab Spring revolutions in different countries.

“Visiting the ruling regime in Syria constitutes clear support for Bashar Al-Assad and his bloody policies against the Syrian people,” she said.

According to her, continued relations with the Syrian regime open the Yemeni party to inquiries and accusations of support to the Syrian regime.

Ali also demanded that party members and leaders express condemnation of the “shameful visit.”

“The party administration is continuing to recognize Bashar as its leader, even though he is responsible for killing more than 100 thousand Syrians, including women, elderly people and children,” said Ali.

Three months earlier, she demanded that party administration officials in Sana’a cut off all links with the Syrian regime.

“Unfortunately, the party did not take a single step and maintained its relations with Bashar Al-Assad,” said Ali.

Linda Ali is recognized as a female activist who actively participated in Yemen’s Youth Revolution. As a lawyer, she has also been involved with a number of cases involving refugees, violence against women, and other human-rights related matters.


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