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Peaceful anti-Houthi protests held in Sa’ada

By NY Staff

This past week, Sa’ada governorate witnessed the area’s first peaceful protests against the Houthi rebel movement. The protests were organized by citizens in Razeh directorate to condemn continuous rights violations at the hands of Houthis, which included a recent physical attack against a local bus driver.

Local sources stated that a group of armed Houthis gathered in Razeh in an attempt to stop the protests. Houthis also imposed a curfew at Ja’arah market, where the protests had been staged.

Meanwhile, Razeh tribesmen have demanded that the men who attacked bus driver Nawaf Jubran Hadi with the butts of their guns be delivered to them.

Last week, before the protests were held, the Houthi movement reportedly arrested 20 Razeh tribesmen and accused them of being spies for western countries.

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