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Sana’ani’s march to support Aden

National Yemen

Protesters at Tuesday’s March demanding an end to the violence in Aden

By Maram Alabassi

Sana’a residents gathered in Change Sqaure and marched throughout the capital city’s streets on Tuesday in the ‘We Are All Aden’ demonstration to support those in southern Yemen.

Demonstrators chanted outside the presidential palace on Jamal Street, condemning the latest killings in the south.

They called on the U.N. Security Council to set up an international commission to investigation allegations of violence and crimes against Yemenis from the southern region of the country.

Demonstrators accused security forces of bloodshed, and demanded that the central government protect non-violent demonstrations.

Participants also called on leaders of the Southern Movement to be cautious about attempts by security forces to provoke the south into a larger conflict.