Yemeni businessman file suit against int’l oil company

National Yemen

Mohammed Saeed Al-Hajj, businessman

By NY Staff

Mohammed Saeed Al-Hajj, businessman and owner of the Al-Hajj Company for Heavy Equipment and Automobiles, has demanded that the Reconciliation Government respond positively to a suit which he filed in trade court.

In the suit, Al-Hajj is seeking compensation from the Calvalley Petroleum Company- Cyprus for losses he incurred after importing oil pipelines in accordance with a contract which he signed with the company. According to Al-Hajj, after he imported the pipelines, Calvalley cancelled the contract without cause or justification.

Al-Hajj said he felt sorrow that the Ministry of Oil and Minerals had been involved in the matter, as it was supposed to facilitate work between Calvalley and Yemeni businessmen.

“I put my issue before the Ministry of Oil and the Oil Exploration Authority, but they didn’t pay any attention to me; this caused me to file the suit three months ago,” he said.

According to the businessman, he filed the suit after learning that the company intended to sell its accounts and leave Yemen.

Al- Hajj businessman said he held the government, concerned authorities, and the trade court responsible for the losses he will suffer if the company leaves Yemen.

“I appealed to the court to give me $10 million as compensation for the losses and efforts which resulted from the calling off of the contract,” he stated.

He noted that the pipelines he imported arrived at Hodeida port after being delayed for two months due to various circumstances; he said that he imported them at a high cost in order to have them arrive in Yemen on time.

Al-Hajj added that the company failed to pay him back any money for the pipes which it required. He stated that as soon as the shipment arrived, the company called off the contract with him and that the shipment continues to sit at the port

Beyond demanding that the company compensate him, Al-Hajj has demanded that they purchase the pipes he imported. He said that some of the pipes are in storage in Sana’a, while the rest continue to sit at Hodeida Port.

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