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Dr. Ahmed Awadh: Media truce will be signed soon

National Yemen

Dr. Ahmed Awadh Bin-Mubarak, Secretary General of national dialogue

By NY Staff

Dr. Ahmed Awadh Bin-Mubarak, Secretary General of national dialogue conference stated that the dialogue conference will be held on the designated date, despite the many challenges before it. He added that there will be a media truce to be signed by different political powers to provide an appropriate atmosphere for the dialogue conference.

Bin-Mubarak said there would be a broad media plan prepared by the dialogue secretariat, as well as the establishment of a channel for National Dialogue coverage. “We will broadcast different programs and will establish tents in rural areas to raise awareness,” he noted.

Bin-Mubarak stated that there are a number of issues and conflicts to be discussed in the dialogue. The secretariat has around 100 employees, he said, who have logistical and administrative tasks only. “Such tasks include preparing the avenues that will hold the dialogue in the six provinces of Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, Hodieda and Sa’ada.

The tasks include preparation of documents and observation of all technical and security procedures, Bin-Mubarak said.

Among the challenges before the Dialogue is its six-month time limit, a relatively short time considering the number and importance of issues to be decided. The dialogue is tasked with finding solutions for all the conflicts in the north and south, Bin-Mubarak said. He hopes that the dialogue allows the country to resolve its conflicts peacefully.

“The unjustified violence that happened in Aden and Hadramout on 21 February forced us to suspend our work for the time-being and effected the participation of some southern movement parties led by Abdullah Al-Asnaj and Mohammed Ali Ahmed.”

The two parties suspended their participation in the dialogue in response to the violence of security forces against demonstrators.  The decision is in effect until political leaders prosecute those responsible, they said.

With regard to Sa’ada province, Bin-Mubarak said that some voices from the area are not supportive of the dialogue and should be considered challenges to the dialogue.

The southern issue is a genuine concern for the dialogue, Bin-Mubarak said, and he hopes that the issue is dealt with seriously by all parties as it is not just a southern issue, but a Yemeni issue.