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60 thousand soldiers to secure National Dialogue Conference

National Yemen

Police troopers ride a patrol vehicle at the site of a planned rally in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden

By NY Staff

Military committee spokesperson General Ali Saeed Abeed stated that the security plan to secure meetings of the National Dialogue and members’ movement will be launch on 9 March. The security plan will be executed in different provinces and will be tasked to all military and security units.
“The plan aims at establishing the necessary safety for holding the National Dialogue Conference,” Abeed said.
The tasks will be distributed to different military and security units; the units will form ‘security squares’. A special operations room was established to coordinate security procedures around the country.
Security sources stated that 60 thousand soldiers and officers from different units will be deployed to the conference for security. The units will start their operations on 18 March and will continue for the entirety of the dialogue.
“Army helicopters and 200 policewomen will be involved in securing the conference,” the source added. Strict directions have been given to intelligence officers to arrest Al-Qaeda militants trying to enter Sana’a between now and the conference. Instructions included tightening security procedures around the avenues hosting the dialogue in various provinces.