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Al-Ahmar and Saleh to be excluded from National Dialogue

National Yemen

A photo from archive for al-Ahmer and former president

By NY Staff

A Houthi representative to the technical committee of the National Dialogue Conference said the committee has approved the exclusion of certain political powers to ensure the dialogue’s success.

Mohammed Al-Bokhiety said the committee excluded Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and Ahmed Ali Saleh as demanded by various political participants of the dialogue, and that “no one can defend [Al-Ahmar and Saleh’s] presence in the dialogue.”

Al-Bokhiety stated that so long as one of the two is in power, the other refuses to leave his position. Al-Ahmar withdrawing his resignation from the military was not a surprise, Al-Bokhiety said, because few doubted the sincerity of his resignation.

“It was a clever step that allowed him to join the revolution and opposition and resulted in southerners calling for secession rather than simply the fall of the regime,” Al-Bokhiety said.

President Hadi issued a decree on 19 December eliminating Al-Ahmar’s position in the First Armored Division and dissolving the elite Republican Guard unit.

The upcoming National Dialogue Conference is expected to produce a new constitution for the country and reach an agreement on parliamentary and presidential elections.