Ambassadors’ wives hold charity lunch to benefit poor

National Yemen

HOMSA members at the charity lunch event

By Maram Alabassi

The Head of Mission Spouse Associatioin (HOMSA) held a charity lunch Thursday to benefit the poor. Ambassadors’ wives, who make up the membership of HOMSA, organized the lunch.  Guests attending the lunch included Minister of Social Affairs and  Labor Amat Alrazaq and Dr. Aza Ghanem.

Wife of the Indian ambassador and head of HOMSA, Farha Sayeed, welcome attendants and thanked them for their generosity. Benefits will go to poor women, orphans and the disabled. The association will pay school fees for orphans and disabled, in addition to purchasing wheelchairs for those who need them.

The lunch also closely conincided with International Women’s Day. HOMSA used the occasion to participate in the development of the country.

“HOMSA is for the benefit of the poor,” Sayeed said.

Many shows and skits from different cultures and countries were presented.

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