Engineering team repairs oil pipeline

National Yemen

Unknown gunmen blew up an oil pipeline once again

By NY Staff

Engineering teams have finished repairs on the oil pipeline that was blown up in Sorwah directorate this past week. General Manager of the directorate Kahled Al-Zahedi stated that the saboteurs claim to have carried out their attacks because the government has ignored their legal demands.

Unknown gunmen blew up an oil pipeline once again yesterday, in Obaida directorate, Mareb province.

“A committee was formed by the president to determine the needs of residents; the government ultimately ignored those needs and the oil pipeline was blown up in response,” Al-Zahedi said. Residents of the directorate accuse the committee of dealing unfairly with their cases and issues.

Hadi formed the committee, headed by Major General Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdashy, seven months ago in hopes of resolving issues facing the residents of Sorwah and ending attacks against government facilities.

Attacks on oil pipelines and electricity cables are subject to continuous attacks by tribesmen requesting jobs, money or release of their relatives from custody.