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Former President al-Beid sends letter to Benomar

National Yemen

, Ali Salim al-Beid

By NY Staff

Yemen’s former President, Ali Salim al-Beid, has some suggestions for the U.N. Security Council that he passed during recent negotiations in Dubai regarding the southern issue. Al-Beid urged the council to issue a number of apologies to the people of south Yemen and to recognize the peaceful movement it has adopted.

In his letter to U.N. Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar, delivered by Mohammed Ali Al-Saqaf and al-Khader al-Ja’ari, al-Beid called for creating a proper political atmosphere for the dialogue. The requests include having an international peace-keeping force in the south, replacing Yemeni military and security forces. He also called on the U.N. to demand the release of all southern prisoners, the dismissal of cases against journalists and political officials, the end of kidnappings and all other aggressive treatment. Only then, al-Beid said, can the Dialogue help the southern people.

AFP reported that Benomar met leaders from the Southern Movement in Dubai on Saturday, who are interested in joining the National Dialogue. Among those present at the meeting was al-Beid, AFP reported. Al-Beid reportedly withdrew from the meeting after handing over a list of demands. President has requested the U.N. Security Council to issue an arrest warrant for al-Beid before the start of the National Dialogue.

Currently in exile, al-Beid was Saleh’s Vice President and prior to that, President of South Yemen before unification.  In a statement released on 15 February, the U.N. Security Council accused al-Beid of impeding the political transition in Yemen.

In January, U.S. ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein, accused al-Beid of having ties to Iran and undermining the political transition for the purpose of achieving southern secession.