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Hadi: Yemen’s Future is tied to dialogue’s success

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President Hadi practice his hobby in Aden

By NY Staff

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi says Yemen’s fate and future is closely linked to the success of the National Dialogue Conference. “The other alternative is chaos, war and unknown endings.”

 Hadi confirmed that the dialogue is a strategic way forward for the country and strict measures will be taken to ensure that no one sabotages its success. Those who block progress will face consequences, Hadi said.  “Any attempt to foil the dialogue’s path is a blatant attack on Yemen, regional countries and the international community,” he pointed out.

President Hadi appealed to all parties to work together for the success of the conference and to help open a new page in history founded on justice, freedom and equality. He also warned of those who spread rumors and distribute arms. He called on military and security forces to carefully monitor the country’s security affairs.

According to Hadi, this is a national responsibility, especially true considering the fragile period Yemen is experiencing politically, economically and security-wise. He added that the international community supports unity in Yemen.