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Rumored deal between Al-Ahmer and Saleh

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A picture from archive Saleh awards al-Ahmer

By NY Staff

Sources close to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer said that initial agreement between him and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been reached; the two agreed to end the media war between them, according to the source.
The reconciliation process between Al-Ahmar and Saleh was launched by the Hashed and Bakeel tribes. Sources added that there is another agreement on the way to fully stop the restructuring of the military. Observers note that such cooperation between the two figures can seriously impact the process of military restructuring.
On a related note, sources say that President Hadi will issue a presidential decree appointing commanders of the seven military branches; the decree, according to these sources, will include Al-Ahmar and Saleh’s son Ahmed Ali Saleh.
“Ahmed Ali Saleh will be appointed the commander of the central military area and will be a commander of a military brigade which is currently being formed in Mareb province,” the source said.
Sources said that Yemeni authorities are studying the possibility of preparing an official memorandum to Interpol to arrest Ali Salem Al-Beidh who is currently residing in Beirut.
“He will be charged with treason for working with Iran and receiving funds from them to spread chaos in the south, as well as inciting civil war in Yemen.”
The source reported that this step comes after Sana’a received the green light from the U.N. Security Council.

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