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U.S. Approach to Yemen Short-Sighted, “Counterproductive”

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National Dialogue Conference opening session

Encouraging U.S. support for Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference, Danya Greenfield and David Kramer stress in a Washington Post Op-Ed that the U.S. threatens its efforts to curb extremism by focusing too heavily on counter terrorism operations in the country. ” By focusing primarily on acute, short-term threats, the United States risks the long-term security that benefits both nations and can be achieved only through a sustained investment in the humanitarian, economic and political development of the Yemeni people.” The U.S. needs to commit to building an “authentic partnership” with Yemenis, they argue, by encouraging the democratic process underway in the National Dialogue Conference. They add, “…beyond the security portfolio, Yemenis need to feel that Washington is committed to supporting democratic institutions and the prosperity of the Yemeni people…This requires the administration to examine its own policies and shift course where the status quo undermines our shared interests.”

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  • Ms. Greenfield and Mr. Kramer obviously you do not live in Yemen to call the threat by Ansar Al-Sharia here a short term threat. Come over here and I'll take you to Abyan and you can see for yourselves. I'll even drive you there myself and you can see the damage they caused including beheadings and amputations. We are sinking millions into the development of Yemen but it will take decades to undo the corruption of the Saleh administration. People who don't know the situation here should keep there mouths shut!