Political Analysis

NDC concludes the first round of the general session

National Yemen

A photo from the final session of the National Dialogue

By Asma Al-Mohattwari

The first general sessions of the National Dialogue Conference concluded on 3 April. The session was devoted to upcoming plans of the conference.

During the sessions, the nine working groups presented their plans for the upcoming two months. The Chairperson of each group presented a brief explanation of their goals, outlining upcoming meetings with consultants, experts and residents.

Yassin Saeed Noaman ended the session by reading the final statement of the first session. Noaman said the 26 meetings that constituted the first session, shaped the political process in a positive way.

The door for dialogue will remain open to those who have thus far resisted participating in the conference, he said.

He emphasized the need to quickly implement the twenty points brought to the president by the technical committee.

He also called for the reconstruction of Abyan and Sa’ada.

The NDC will resume its work on 13 April.