Street Cleaners Union launches strike

National Yemen

garbage shown from the first strike in 2011

By Bushra al-Amari

The Street Cleaners Union will begin its strike today, with protests in the capital denouncing the government for not recognizing their rights, a statement said.

The union stated that the government failed to honor the commitments it made with the union.

“Unfortunately, the government leaves us no choice but to strike,” the union statement said. The union also condemned media institutions that falsely reported a two-month suspension of the strike.

Workers said they will strike until all their demands are met. The union says some members have received threats. No named officials have pressured them to call off the strike, the union said.

Abdulqader Hilal accused the union of “[making] Sana’a look poor as it holds the National Dialogue Conference,” as a means of pressuring the city.

No word from Hilal about reportedly failing to honor prior agreements made with the workers.