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Coca-cola ad inspires Yemeni volunteers

Volunteers distributing gifts at Sabeen Park

By Jihan Anwar

“Small things can make a world of difference” said Osamah AlShoabi, the organizer of an event at a park. “The whole point of the activity was to draw a smile on children’s faces.”

A group of about 30 volunteers distributed 140 Balloons and 200 candy bars to kids at Sabaeen Park in Sana’a.

The event was prepared within 24 hours and the budget was mere YR 4000, about USD 20.The idea came from the Coca Cola commercial ‘Etgannan’, where people do small but meaningful acts of random kindness.

Initially puzzled, some kids and families refused to take the candies and balloons, but after it was explained that the gifts were freely given to all children, they accepted the treats. AlShoabi said that people had a hard time believing that something was being distributed for free. “Activities like this show other people that there is still good out there,” he said. “You don’t have to do big things to make a difference, the difference can be made even through small acts.”


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  • What a great story!!! Any way we can be in contact with Osamah AlShoabi and the other people who did the volunteering?